Healthy Nest offers counselling services for all ages using a person centred, holistic and trauma informed approach.

You are the expert in your life and in counselling we will work together, in a way best suited to you, to help you find the strength, energy and creativity needed to navigate life’s challenges.

We will consider all aspects of the self and be mindful of how development & trauma shape the brain & body and influence our thoughts, feelings & behaviours.

In person, online and phone counselling sessions are available.


EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) involves the use of eye movement or other bilateral stimulation (ie: tapping, sounds, movement) to help you work through upsetting events or experiences.

If an emotionally charged experience from the past continues to have a negative impact on your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about yourself in the present, EMDR can help you to process this experience in an adaptive way.

Similar to the way in which our minds process information during REM sleep, EMDR helps you to organize your thoughts and feelings in therapy. EMDR involves identifying and processing core negative beliefs, and bringing to light positive beliefs that will help you to live in a healthier way.

Play Therapy

When children are having a difficult time, they may not be able to communicate with us what is going on for them or how they are feeling. Often it is changes in behavior that alert us that something is not ok –children may start acting out, they may experience changes in sleep or eating patterns or they may become anxious, clingy or withdrawn.

Play Therapy is an effective approach for counselling children because we are speaking their language. Through symbols and expressive play, a child that is struggling has the opportunity to communicate the problem, share their feelings, learn new ways of thinking and behaving, and begin to heal from stressful or traumatic experiences. At Healthy Nest, therapeutic play in a warm and safe environment, allows children to heal, learn and grow.

Play Therapy can provide help for a number of concerns including anxiety, aggression, difficulty with attention or impulse control, school challenges, complex behaviours, grief & loss and trauma.

Counselling for Youth

Adolescence can be a trying time, both for young people and the adults caring for them. This is a period of growth where the brain changes in dramatic and sometimes challenging ways. Despite our best efforts, youth don’t always feel heard and understood by the adults in their worlds. Counselling with youth provides a safe, neutral space for the expression of thoughts and feelings in order to support healthy development, communication and problem-solving skills.

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